The following resources are here because of interviews I’ve seen and feel that you may find relevant. I will try to break them into categories.

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Health & Supplements

So much from which to choose when it comes to the jab, early treatment and more with regard to the Plandemic. There may be affiliate links too.

Dr. Ardis
Dr. Stella MD
Dr. Jane Ruby
The Health Ranger Store


General all over the board stuff!

Bongino Report

Leave big tech! Learn about FOSS (Free Open Source Software) and leaving Microsoft and Apple behind.



Everything you want to know about 2020 and getting rid of voting machines.


Pay Resources

Not all content is behind a pay wall. It’s important to support free speech platforms even if they cost a little.


Science & More

Most of these have multiple accounts so I’m using the ones I find.

(Coming soon)

Social Media

Free speech social media sites.

FreeSpace Social

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