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In light of the censorship currently taking place, I think it’s very important to explore as many social media sites as possible. I’m still working through them to see where I will focus.

I will update this post as information is available.

  • Social Media & News Alternatives They are free but some have a pay version to do away with advertising.
    • Gab (iamRoberta)
    • MeWe (iroberta)
    • Parler (iRoberta)
    • This is the best site for information about the 2020 election, plus you can get great deals on MyPillow stuff.


Parler Update

Update! Parler is back up and on the Apple App store again. We also use Rumble. We are looking into a few other options to get information.

If you go to Parler, this is what you get. There is a guest post everyday so click the photo to go their page for updates and to see the next guest post!

Parler Screenshot



If you want to keep up with Dan Bongino, visit his website or see his videos on Rumble.

Dan’s Podcasts

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