When you exert force (perceived or otherwise) to get an apology, you may be forcing a lie out of someone!

If they apologize, they don’t really mean it so why compound the situation by making a liar of someone? Remember as a kid, you were forced to say “I’m sorry?”  You didn’t apologize because you were sorry, you did it because you feared adult retribution. People who are dragged to the public square to apologize are trying to save what remains of their career or reputation.

I much prefer to have people speak their true thoughts and feelings.  If you only hear what you want or expect from others, you’ll never know the true person.  You’ll only ever know the facade which society dictates.

Free speech is to protect you from the government. Every time a politician, celebrity, corporate officer or other person mouths off saying what they really think or feel, left leaning groups demand an apology. So what? If you think the apology is not a lie, you should pull your head out of the sand

A person with a sincere desire to apologize will do so without prodding. It will be sincere and true.

Our nation and citizens are under attack and our freedoms are being trampled. Trampled by those who think they know what’s best for everyone. They think we are not qualified to make our own decisions or think. I don’t need someone to tell me someone is racist, a social deviant, some type of _____phobe, a jerk or simply a jackass. I can tell that for myself.