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Update! Parler is back up and on the Apple App store again. We also use Rumble. We are looking into a few other options to get information.

If you go to Parler, this is what you get. There is a guest post everyday so click the photo to go their page for updates and to see the next guest post!

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Time to Stand!

Time to stand!

Rantings for this morning 11/9/2020.

We knew this election would not go smoothly. We knew that the Rino’s were working hard to keep President DJT from 4 more years. We suspected that “Sleepy Joe” hanging out in the basement wasn’t a good sign of his mental capacity or willingness to campaign.

We now understand that it didn’t matter because the fix was in and they knew exactly how it would work. It’s amazing how much more lucid he appears now that he thinks he won’t have answer questions about Hunter and his business dealings under a DJT administration.

Beginning today, I will begin providing links to my favorite news sources. It is clear that we can’t trust big tech so I think it’s important to have a place where people can find direct access to content when it has been censored (blocked or restricted) by FB, Twitter and others.  I’ll also try to comment about how I came to appreciate and follow the source.

You may need this information because you have been blocked or restricted by these same entities.

Goodbye Fox News, Twitter and FB…. I’ll mention again that if you’re business depends on FB, you should take a good look at your dependence on them. Sure, it’s free but it’s not yours!

Goodbye Charles

Last Saturday, my siblings and I lost our last parent. Our biological parents passed a few years ago but Charles, as he preferred to be called, was our parent by choice. We were all adults when he married Mom 37 plus years ago but not so much for the array of grandchildren to follow. Many of the great grandchildren know him only as Grandpa because he is the only one they knew.

I can’t even begin to list the relatives who seemed to come out of the woodwork in their times of need. He helped them all, above and beyond as some would say. He cared for Mom during her extended illness until she died in 2016.

He spent the past two years with Mark and me. He was a great house mate. He loved to tell stories. I learned a lot about his childhood and things he did over his 85 years. He was quite a jokester as well. The first thing he would tell new people he met here was that I had kidnapped him. That’s the only way he would become a Texan.

A few months ago someone bought a vacant house in the neighborhood and began a major remodel. Every few days he wanted me to drive him around the block to inspect the progress. Every trip brought a discussion about what they should have done and how to do it. The conversation usually ended with “I don’t know why they didn’t tear it down and start over.” The remodel completed and the family moved in around mid-January. He hadn’t been leaving the house so he was only able to see the finished product as we drove him to ER a few weeks ago.

In recent weeks he talked about going home and fishing on “Cat Creek” which ran alongside the childhood farm home.  I thought he was just forgetting the name because I thought it was Cache Creek. When I mentioned this, I was told not only was it Cat Creek, it was Tom Cat Creek which was named after a man named Tom Cat. The spelling may not be correct and I have only been able to find a Cat Creek in the Atoka area but I’m guessing he knew of which he spoke. He lived on that farm for 72 years.

He had a subscription to the Apache Newspaper. Every week he learned another of his friends had passed. He often mentioned there may not be any left to attend his service. We’ll see in a few weeks when we have his service in Apache.

He said his years in business taught him to keep his opinions to himself and just listen. He was good at listening which is a really good thing because I’m mostly good at talking.

We love and miss you!

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