Please note, that I have removed any links for Z products because I no longer support the groups behind them. I will be sourcing my vitamins and supplements from other providers.

The first time I saw Zev, he was speaking to the Israeli Rabbinical Court about the effects of the “poison death shot” on the community (video below the first). I don’t even recall how or why I was watching but I was hooked. I began to follow him. His influence is with me today. I love his direct speech, the way he tells it how he sees it. He passed away earlier this year at 48 due to complications from a rare cancer he had before the plandemic. I will be sharing more from Zev.

The following video was my introduction to Zev. It deserves its own post but I wanted to post here to save the Rumble link. If you can’t find it later, I’ve probably moved it to it’s own post. I’ll be sure to let you know…..

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