Rantings for this morning 11/9/2020.

We knew this election would not go smoothly. We knew that the Rino’s were working hard to keep President DJT from 4 more years. We suspected that “Sleepy Joe” hanging out in the basement wasn’t a good sign of his mental capacity or willingness to campaign.

We now understand that it didn’t matter because the fix was in and they knew exactly how it would work. It’s amazing how much more lucid he appears now that he thinks he won’t have answer questions about Hunter and his business dealings under a DJT administration.

Beginning today, I will begin providing links to my favorite news sources. It is clear that we can’t trust big tech so I think it’s important to have a place where people can find direct access to content when it has been censored (blocked or restricted) by FB, Twitter and others.  I’ll also try to comment about how I came to appreciate and follow the source.

You may need this information because you have been blocked or restricted by these same entities.

Goodbye Fox News, Twitter and FB…. I’ll mention again that if you’re business depends on FB, you should take a good look at your dependence on them. Sure, it’s free but it’s not yours!

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