CVLand Part 2

Need to watch! Second in the series. Shared from Rum**ble. You can buy it on DVD at InfoWars.


2021 Favorite Quote

I first heard this while listening to the new book by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., “The Real Anthony Fauci”. The book discusses and provides reference material about the current Covid situation but also goes back through Fauci’s career to show how he has become so influential and dangerous. The book also details his relationship with Bill Gates and Big Pharma. There is information about the coverup and failures of the AIDS epidemic and others.

Supporting information can be found at the Children’s Health Defense website.

So far, I’m a third of the way through, he’s only made a couple of comments about President Trump. The person reading the book is very dry and mundane so it’s difficult to understand whether or not the comments are sarcastic or derogatory. I’ll have a better feel at the end.

I wouldn’t normally even consider a book written by a Democrat but I’m open to learning there are reasonable ones still out there, at least on this topic. Full disclosure, I don’t have a party affiliation except when actually voting because of the way Texas determines your party.

I’m going to put this on FB but in the event it is taken down or I go to FB jail, I wanted it to be posted elsewhere first.


Social Media

In light of the censorship currently taking place, I think it’s very important to explore as many social media sites as possible. I’m still working through them to see where I will focus.

I will update this post as information is available.

  • Social Media & News Alternatives They are free but some have a pay version to do away with advertising.
    • Gab (iamRoberta)
    • MeWe (iroberta)
    • Parler (iRoberta)
    • This is the best site for information about the 2020 election, plus you can get great deals on MyPillow stuff.

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